RIP: Uggie, “The Artist” of #Dogs

Sad news today in the celebrity dog world when word came that Uggie, the lovable Jack Russell terrier in the 2011 film, The Artist, was put to rest this past Friday. He will not only be remembered for his charming presence on the silver screen, but also his “infinite love for chicken and hot dogs”, one of his trainers said. (NY Daily News)


Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Cecil the Lion

2AC66D5F00000578-0-image-a-8_1437645720804The Internet exploded with outrage yesterday (and rightfully so) over the truly disturbing circumstances surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion, who was killed on a ‘hunting trip’ by a Minnesota dentist outside a Zimbabwean national park.

Even late night funnyman, Jimmy Kimmel, got a little choked up retelling the awful tale — as well as throwing in a ‘small penis’ joke…

Honey Badger Takes the Hot Dog Car Challenge!

Taking a page from last year’s #IceBucketChallenge playbook, NFL star, Tyrann Mathieu (formerly nicknamed “Honey Badger”) has teamed up with PETA to demonstrate how dangerous it is to leave your family pooch in a hot car for just a few minutes during the dog days of summer…

All #Dogs Go to Kevin…unleashed!

all dogs go to kevin vet school veterinary dr jessica vogelsangMore than just a clever spin on the classic Disney title, All Dogs Go to Kevin: Everything Three Dogs Taught Me (That I Didn’t Learn in Veterinary School) is Dr. Jessica Vogelsang’s new humorous, touching memoir that details the three amigos dogs that have impacted her life before and after becoming a vet.

You can read an excerpt here on Medium!

Budweiser #Dogs Commercial Wins Super Bowl…Again!

The New England Patriots weren’t the only big winners at this past Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX — but it appears that Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” commercial scored the title of most popular on USA Today‘s Ad Meter rankings (Bud also won last year’s Super Bowl with their “Lost Puppy” ad). So, just in case you’re not a football fan or weren’t anywhere near a TV this weekend, here’s the replay…

@BuzzFeed Scores with #DearKitten #SuperBowl Spot!

BuzzFeed has teamed up with Friskies to do a “Dear Kitten” Super Bowl ad called “Regarding the Big Game” to get crazy cat loving-football fans purring for the big matchup — however, it will only play regionally in select cities, such as Pawnee City, Kitty Hawk, and Los Gatos. Seriously, no joke! (Business Insider)

Here’s the full 3-minute spot released online…

#DrPepper Goes Long With #Dogs Commercial!

With the Super Bowl’s war of commercials coming up soon, Dr. Pepper has taken the first shot with this cute/funny dog spot, featuring a Puli (aka “The Bob Marley Dog”), along with a touching message about dog rescue. Whether they were inspired by Budweiser’s Clydesdales or puppy bowl promos, who knows — but this is just what the doctor ordered!

Let’s hope this jingle is as catchy as the original 1970’s “I’m A Pepper” hit…

Oh yeah, and if you’re feeling nostalgic about the Budweiser animals, check ’em out below…

Adventure #Dogs!

As most folks take off on long journeys to see family on this Thanksgiving holiday, check out this heartwarming story about a stray dog in Ecuador named Arthur who met a group of Swedish athletes and fell in love — and hiked, biked, kayaked, and travelled hundreds of miles to stick with his new pack! (NPR)

arthur dog follows swedish athletes