Lassie Prepares For A Comeback #dogs

Lassie, one of the original top dogs of Hollywood, is getting ready to make a comeback — courtesy of Dreamworks. Will this old canine legend be able to compete with such new school Internet pet celebs like Grumpy Cat or Boo the World’s Cutest Dog?

Only time — and the number of Instagram followers — will tell! (pic courtesy of Lassie)

lassie dog comeback

The Art of Dog Naming…

Inside-of-a-Dog-coverJan Hoffman and Alexandra Horowitz (author of Inside of A Dog) try to figure out how we come up with the names we do for our loved ones in The New York Times.

Most dog cognition experts suggest sticking to one or two syllables. I, myself, personally have learned to stay away from pet names that rhyme with “No!” (NYT)