The book blurbs are in — and the big dogs have spoken! See what all the celebrity canine critics are yapping about after chewing on reading It’s Just A Dog

“If you read just one dead dog book this year, make this the one!”  – Old Yeller

“IT’S JUST A DOG…is not just for dogs. It’s for people, too!”  – Scooby Doo

“The one positive thing I can say about this book is that at least the dog dies in the beginning, and not at the end.”  – Marley (of Marley & Me)

“If books could kill...”  – Cujo

“Do yourself a favor and take a bite out of this dog novel. Literally. I wish it had more pages. I ate it up in less than an hour!”  – McGruff the Crime Dog

“Is this dog heaven? Nah, it’s just fiction. But I’ll take it.”  – Lassie

“This sweet, catchy novel was like music to my ears!”  – Nipper the RCA dog

“A little corny for my taste, but to each dog its own.”  – Snoopy

“Nice book, but I liked the movie better. And by that, I mean MY movie!”  – My Dog Skip

“¡Yo quiero IT’S JUST A DOG! Drop the chalupa now and go buy this ebook!”  – Gidget “The Taco Bell  Chihuahua”

Genuinely heartfelt and inspiring. An American original. Now where’s that cold beer you promised me?”  – Spuds McKenzie

“Romancing the bone!”  – Benji

“Awww shucks, I loved it. And I can’t even read!”  – Pete the Pup from Our Gang (a.k.a. The Little Rascals)

“It’s a gas!”  – Walter the Farting Dog

“If I was granted three wishes, I’d wish that everybody take the time to read this enchanting new book…After Shakespeare and all the great Elizabethan poets, of course.”  – Wishbone

“More fun than chasing old tennis balls!”  – Air Bud

“Jack Russells suck. Great Danes rule.” – Marmaduke

“This charming, touching dog story gave me goosebumps to go along with my spots.”  – The 72nd Dalmatian (of 101 Dalmatians)

“This dog book was spooky good!”Sparky (Frankenweenie)

“A real work of art.”  – Uggie (The Artist)

“Whoever wrote this book is either bluffing or they ain’t playing with a full deck. We’re ‘All In’ on this dog book!”  – Dogs Playing Poker

“I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS. Okay, not that good.”  – Morris “The 9 Lives” Cat