Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Cecil the Lion

2AC66D5F00000578-0-image-a-8_1437645720804The Internet exploded with outrage yesterday (and rightfully so) over the truly disturbing circumstances surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion, who was killed on a ‘hunting trip’ by a Minnesota dentist outside a Zimbabwean national park.

Even late night funnyman, Jimmy Kimmel, got a little choked up retelling the awful tale — as well as throwing in a ‘small penis’ joke…

And the World Dog Award Goes to…?

uggie_jean_dujardinMove over, Oscars — er, Oscar (if that’s your dog’s name) — because the CW Network is going to air the first ever World Dog Awards!

And unlike “The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” — all the world’s dogs are apparently eligible to win the gold in this competition (possibly to draw more viewers, ya think?) — although no word yet on the official categories. (Hollywood Reporter)