These New Books #LoveDogs

A couple new dog books featured in The New York Times today — Afterglow (by Eileen Myles) and Fetch: How A Bad Dog Brought Me Home (Nicole J. Georges) — showcase how these two female authors’ respective dogs not only made them better artists, but better people as well! (NYT)

Nikon Hearts #Dogs Photography!

20150529212620-nikon-heartbeats-dog-pet-wearableThe amateur doggie photographer business is getting crowded — as Nikon has just unleashed a new strap-on camera harness to compete with GoPro’s Fetch design.

So, be prepared when all those dog’s eye view pics start cluttering up your Instagram feed! (Enterpreneur)

GoPro For #Dogs!

Interested in seeing the world from a dog’s eye view? GoPro, the waterproof camera originally created for surfers and adventurers, has created a new animal-friendly version for dogs called Fetch. (But watch out — as there have been some recent Monkey business over copyright issues on animal selfies!)

However, if you do decide to strap on a pet cam, perhaps your pooch could be the next Doggie Ansel Adams! (NY Times)

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