Here Kedi, Kedi! #Cats Movie

“While dogs think people are God, cats don’t…They know better.”

If you’re into foreign films and cat flicks, then Kedi, a new flick about stray kitties roaming the streets of Istanbul, Turkey might be right up your alley….


Who Let the #Cats #Books Out?

As we leap into the new year, these two feline photo books are bound to catch your attention — If It Fits, I Sits and Pounce — a new high-flying title from Seth Casteel, the photographer who brought the world Underwater Dogs.


The Artist Who Turned His Cat Into a Drone?

In what has to be one of the most disturbing unusual ways to grieve the loss of a beloved pet, a Dutch artist named Bart Jansen has transformed his deceased cat, Orville, into a drone called the “OrvilleCopter”. Read all about it on Business Insider.


Apparently, he’s brought new life to other taxidermy as well, as you can check out this flying Ostrich video…

Eat Pray Love #Cats?

Like John Steinbeck’s pet travel book classic, Travels With Charley, you will be charmed by this 21st Century story of a woman sailing around the world with her loyal waterproof cat, Amelia (no relation to Amelia Earhart).

You can read all about their high-seas adventures on BuzzFeed or go to their Instagram! (UK Telegraph)


Cool #Cats Coming Soon to the Movies! #Keanu

This week while everybody’s talking Broncos and Panthers in Super Bowl 50 –– not to mention Puppy Bowls — there’s also a big cat fight brewing at the cineplexes.

If you’re a cat lover, then you’re in Seventh Heaven — and I don’t mean the TV show! We’re talkin’ talking kitty movies, baby. Key & Peele’s Keanu vs. the Kevin Spacey-voiced Nine Lives

The Great Big Fat #Cats and #Dogs #Books Giveaway!

There’s only one thing better than curling up with a good book — and that’s curling up with your pet AND a book! So, Vanessa Morgan of the well-traveled Traveling Cats blog, is combining two of our favorite pastimes by putting on a great big Rafflecopter giveaway of pet books — and you can check it out HERE!


Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Cecil the Lion

2AC66D5F00000578-0-image-a-8_1437645720804The Internet exploded with outrage yesterday (and rightfully so) over the truly disturbing circumstances surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion, who was killed on a ‘hunting trip’ by a Minnesota dentist outside a Zimbabwean national park.

Even late night funnyman, Jimmy Kimmel, got a little choked up retelling the awful tale — as well as throwing in a ‘small penis’ joke…

Dr. Seuss Needs Your Help: #Dogs or #Cats?

18artsbeat-seuss1-blog480A few weeks ago, the literary world discovered some unpublished works from the former home of longtime cat fan, Dr. Seuss. Whether or not the treasure trove was buried in the pantry underneath the stockpile of green eggs and ham, we’ll never know — but on July 28, the first title, What Pet Should I Get? — will be released for all of us animal lovers to adore! (NYT)

@BuzzFeed Scores with #DearKitten #SuperBowl Spot!

BuzzFeed has teamed up with Friskies to do a “Dear Kitten” Super Bowl ad called “Regarding the Big Game” to get crazy cat loving-football fans purring for the big matchup — however, it will only play regionally in select cities, such as Pawnee City, Kitty Hawk, and Los Gatos. Seriously, no joke! (Business Insider)

Here’s the full 3-minute spot released online…