Budweiser #Dogs Commercial Wins Super Bowl…Again!

The New England Patriots weren’t the only big winners at this past Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX — but it appears that Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” commercial scored the title of most popular on USA Today‘s Ad Meter rankings (Bud also won last year’s Super Bowl with their “Lost Puppy” ad). So, just in case you’re not a football fan or weren’t anywhere near a TV this weekend, here’s the replay…

Gone Doggie Gone?

Dennis Lehane, the best-selling mystery writer who has many successful film adaptions of his books under his belt — Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, to name a few — is now caught in his own real life horror story, as he’s lost his pet Beagle, Tessa. But Lehane is determined to solve his own case by offering a substantial reward of naming one of his characters from his next book after whoever helps him find his precious dog. Good luck, Dennis!

dennis lehane lost dog reward tessa