A Star is Bred! #OnceUponATimeinHollywood #pitbull

Everybody’s talking about Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in Tarantino’s latest flick, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood — but the film also features a new breed of action star named Brandy who more than holds her own with the big dogs…and really chews up the scenery!

brandy dog once upon a time in hollywood

RIP Grumpy Cat

It’s the end of an era with the sad news today of the passing of Grumpy Cat, the OG of social media/Internet celebrity superstars, who reportedly raked in untold millions in endorsements and appearance fees (and whose real given pet name was actually “Tardar Sauce”).

Although she always had that notoriously miserable expression pasted on her face, this famously frowning feline spreads tons of good cheer wherever she was seen online — or up close and personal. Thanks for the meme-ries, Grumpy Cat! (SFGate)

It’s A #Dogs Eat #DogsofInstagram World!

So, you wanna turn your beloved pooch into an Instagram influencer? Well, don’t quit your day job, according to Brian X. Chen in his revealing NYT piece, I Tried to Make My Dog an Instagram Celebrity. I Failed.