Dr. Seuss Needs Your Help: #Dogs or #Cats?

18artsbeat-seuss1-blog480A few weeks ago, the literary world discovered some unpublished works from the former home of longtime cat fan, Dr. Seuss. Whether or not the treasure trove was buried in the pantry underneath the stockpile of green eggs and ham, we’ll never know — but on July 28, the first title, What Pet Should I Get? — will be released for all of us animal lovers to adore! (NYT)

@BuzzFeed Scores with #DearKitten #SuperBowl Spot!

BuzzFeed has teamed up with Friskies to do a “Dear Kitten” Super Bowl ad called “Regarding the Big Game” to get crazy cat loving-football fans purring for the big matchup — however, it will only play regionally in select cities, such as Pawnee City, Kitty Hawk, and Los Gatos. Seriously, no joke! (Business Insider)

Here’s the full 3-minute spot released online…

#Dogs Rule…Literally!

In case you missed Last Week Tonight, the irreverent new HBO series hosted by ex-Daily Show reporter, John Oliver, then you might want to check out the adorable breaking news story that he’s done with dogs taking over The Supreme Court (starts around the 1:35 mark). (Business Insider)

The New Yorker Festival Debates: #Cats vs. #Dogs

big new yorker book of catsbig-new yorker book-of-dogs
This past weekend, there was a very big issue discussed in an open forum that affects billions of people all over the world…

Yes, that’s right — The New Yorker Festival breaks down Cats vs. Dogs — with many high-profile, high-brow writers/pet owners weighing in, including Malcolm Gladwell, Joyce Carol Oates, David Remnick, Jesse Eisenberg, and more.

Why #Cats Paint?

why cats paint book heather busch burton silverI know we’re all about the painted dog here, but I came across two vintage fine arts-loving cat books – Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics (by Heather Busch and Burton Silver) — a part humor, part Jackson Pollock depiction of cats playing with canvas.

Then from Susan Herbert, there’s Impressionist Cats. They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but Herbert has revised the masterpieces of French Impressionism with big kitties replacing their human counterparts — so move over Monet and Renoir because there’s a bunch of new cats in town!

impressionist cats book susan herbert

Review That Cat!

review of my cat book jack shepherd tanner ringerudMove over, Dogshaming — because here comes a Review of My Cat!

They say that everybody’s a critic — but Jack Shepherd and Tanner Ringerud, contributors to BuzzFeed, must be some brave cats themselves for putting together this book that allows complete strangers to give honest, critical feedback (mostly humorous, of course) to an array of aloof felines.