Dr. Seuss Needs Your Help: #Dogs or #Cats?

18artsbeat-seuss1-blog480A few weeks ago, the literary world discovered some unpublished works from the former home of longtime cat fan, Dr. Seuss. Whether or not the treasure trove was buried in the pantry underneath the stockpile of green eggs and ham, we’ll never know — but on July 28, the first title, What Pet Should I Get? — will be released for all of us animal lovers to adore! (NYT)

Last Minute Dog Book Stocking Stuffers?

never have your dog stuffed alan aldacrap taxidermy 22299612If you’re trying to jam in some extra treats for your dog lover friends for the holidays, you could take it literal and pick up the new animal humor book, Crap Taxidermy, which showcases some of the world’s worst taxidermic projects ever created out of our former furry friends (sounds like one of those bad plastic surgery TV shows on E!), or you could possibly pick up Alan Alda’s not very dog-friendly sounding memoir, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, which is on sale right now for $1.99 on Kindle. Of course, it might be better just to play it safe with a cute, cuddly puppy story — since everybody loves puppies! — so there’s always The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron.

Regardless of whatever goodies you go with to celebrate, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

dogs_of_christmas_book_w bruce cameron

Yeah, #Dogs Rule by @MarkUlriksenArt

One of my all-time favorite (dog) artists, Mark Ulriksen, has a new book out called Dogs Rule Nonchalantly, which is a humorous storybook for kids and adults, featuring some of Ulriksen’s greatest illustrations kibbles ‘n bits from The New Yorker and other fine publications that make up this touching, dog-crazy tale. (Amazon)

dogs rule nonchalantly mark ulriksen

French #Dogfriendly Book for Kids…and #Chiens

If you enjoy the artwork of Maira Kalman or Wendy MacNaughton (Lost Cat), then you will surely love the witty illustrations of Jackie Clark Mancuso in her new kids book, Paris-Chien: Adventures of an Ex-Pat Dog.

The charming dog tale is all about Hudson, a curiously inquisitive Norwich Terrier, trying to fit into the Parisian lifestyle. Bon app├ętit! (Picture Book Review)

paris-chien adventures of an ex-pat dog jackie clark mancuso

Mayor Gets Pooped On!

A dog-loving California mayor has resigned from office because of PoopGate — yes, he was busted on security camera for throwing his dog’s poop onto a neighbor’s yard, presumably because he didn’t warm to the neighbor’s aggressive “No Dog Poop” sign.

On a related note, HuffPo published a fun batch of Dog Poop Signs From Around the World slideshow for everyone’s enjoyment. Hmmm, I smell a childrens book coming soon! (HuffPo)


Underwater Dogs…for Kids!

underwater dogs kids editionSeth Casteel, the scuba dog-diving photographer/creator of Underwater Dogs — has gone deeper under the surface to bring out a new child-friendly version of his best-selling dog photo book, Underwater Dogs – Kids Edition. Although both books are entertaining for kids of all ages, Casteel also uses the money from his funny pics of water-logged dogs to raise money for dog rescues.


Pig In A Wheelchair Gets Book Deal!

Move over bacon — here comes something meatier! Fresh off Grumpy Cat scoring a movie deal — the Youtube celeb, Chris P. Bacon (aka “Crispy Bacon”), who was born without the use of his hind legs, has gotten himself a cushy 3-book deal from his popular Pig In A Wheelchair videos.(EW)

Uggie Hires A Ghostwriter?

Uggie, the adorable Jack Russell terrier from The Artist, is back with a new autobiography called (what else) Uggie – My Story. My question is, do you think he really wrote it or did he hire one of those fancy-pants ghostwriters? Get your paw-tographed copy now! (The Guardian)

Uggie Book Signing For Uggie: My Story