#Dogs Purpose or Protest?

a_dogs_purpose-movie-filmFirst off, let me just say that I loved the book, A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, and was really looking forward to seeing the movieā€¦

And then the horrific TMZ video came out, documenting potential abuse by the dog trainers on the set of the film. The writers, producers, and actors involved in the production — along with millions of moviegoers — were all justifiably horrified by what they saw on the disturbing clip.

However, later, after Cameron and the studio execs viewed ALL of the footage that took place during that day of filming, it was revealed that the video clip had been edited out of context to maximize the impact of the traumatic footage.

Unfortunately, by that point, the cat pooch was out of the bag, so to speak.

Gavin Polone, the big dog lover/producer on the film, wrote a compelling Hollywood Reporter column breaking down the whole incident, which explains the nasty dog fight brewing between PETA and Hollywood. (I’m assuming that part of PETA’s position has to do with the sad fact that past dog movies like 101 Dalmatians and Beverly Hills Chihuahua have inspired numerous “bad fad” pet adoptions — which later resulted in countless Dalmatians and Chihuahuas being returned back to rescue shelters once the new owners got “bored” with their new puppies and couldn’t handle all the responsibilities that it takes in caring for an animal.)

Tragically, no matter where you stand on this issue, there are no winners, as all dog movie fans and dog rescue advocates alike have been harmed during the making of this film.

Last Minute Dog Book Stocking Stuffers?

never have your dog stuffed alan aldacrap taxidermy 22299612If you’re trying to jam in some extra treats for your dog lover friends for the holidays, you could take it literal and pick up the new animal humor book, Crap Taxidermy, which showcases some of the world’s worst taxidermic projects ever created out of our former furry friends (sounds like one of those bad plastic surgery TV shows on E!), or you could possibly pick up Alan Alda’s not very dog-friendly sounding memoir, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, which is on sale right now for $1.99 on Kindle. Of course, it might be better just to play it safe with a cute, cuddly puppy story — since everybody loves puppies! — so there’s always The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron.

Regardless of whatever goodies you go with to celebrate, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

dogs_of_christmas_book_w bruce cameron