Beloved Dog #Books!

beloved dog book maira kalmanIf you’re going to buy just one dog book for the holidays, I’d heartily recommend Maira Kalman’s Beloved Dog. It’s a gorgeous, colorful, witty publication –– and all about the love of a good dog!

And I’m not alone. See the heartwarming reviews in Brainpickings or Modern Dog!


Letters To and From My Dog…?

ALetterToMyDog anthropologieA few weeks ago, a great Goodreads friend recommended a dog book to me called A Letter To My Dog by Robin Layton, so I gladly put it on my GR shelf. And then over the weekend, I noticed that Brainpickings re-published an old letter by E.B. White (a.k.a., the author of Charlotte’s Web) — which was written under the pseudonym of his dog, Daisy.

So if you’re bored of social networking — your new best pen pal might just be lying at your feet!