@ juliebarton1111: Sometimes #Dogs Are the Best Medicine!

dog medicine how my dog saved me from myself julie bartonIf you’ve ever fallen down a hole and need a little help, that’s when you find out who your true friends are.

And Julie Barton found that friend in the bunker — er, rather, in Bunker, her beautiful Golden Retriever, as she writes about battling depression in the new touching memoir, Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me From Myself.

Sam Simon’s Estate Locked in a Dogfight?

sam simon vanity fair merrill markoeSam Simon, The Simpsons co-creator and animal philanthropist, must be rolling in his grave as lawyers and beneficiaries are caught up in a heated battle over his estate — as well as the ongoing care of his troubled Cane Corso rescue dog, Columbo.

Fortunately, his Pacific Palisades house and vaunted art collection are not in dispute as they have already hit the market. (THR)


Honey Badger Takes the Hot Dog Car Challenge!

Taking a page from last year’s #IceBucketChallenge playbook, NFL star, Tyrann Mathieu (formerly nicknamed “Honey Badger”) has teamed up with PETA to demonstrate how dangerous it is to leave your family pooch in a hot car for just a few minutes during the dog days of summer…

Let’s Hear It for Broadway Barks #doglovers!

stella and charlie friends forever bernadette petersAh, summertime…Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Broadway Barks! Yes, the annual Broadway dog-pleaser is back again July 11 in New York City.

So, if you’re anywhere near Times Square this Saturday, trot on over to Shubert Alley and get the new book, Stella and Charlie: Friends Forever, signed by the Pied-Piper of rescue pups, Bernadette Peters! All proceeds go to the pooches! (Playbill)

Can’t All #Dogs Get Along?

Anybody who rescues a dog assumes the responsibility of taking care of and loving that dog — and providing its fairytale “forever home”. But what happens if the new dog just doesn’t fit in with the other dogs in the household, no matter how hard you try?

Kyle Reynolds shares his bittersweet experience about what happens when a dog adoption just doesn’t work out on Medium.

kyle reynolds random acts of dog

@MegDonohue Goes DOG CRAZY for @GratefulDogsSF

dog crazy meg donohue 22573873Best-selling USA Today author, Meg Donohue, has a new novel out this week called Dog Crazy, which I’m sure any dog lover will be absolutely nuts about!

And even better, she’s holding a book launch party at Books Inc. to benefit San Francisco-based Grateful Dogs Rescue tomorrow night on March 12. However, if you can’t make it to the event in person, you can always take a trip to Amazon to get your next dog book fix on! (Books Inc.)

#DrPepper Goes Long With #Dogs Commercial!

With the Super Bowl’s war of commercials coming up soon, Dr. Pepper has taken the first shot with this cute/funny dog spot, featuring a Puli (aka “The Bob Marley Dog”), along with a touching message about dog rescue. Whether they were inspired by Budweiser’s Clydesdales or puppy bowl promos, who knows — but this is just what the doctor ordered!

Let’s hope this jingle is as catchy as the original 1970’s “I’m A Pepper” hit…

Oh yeah, and if you’re feeling nostalgic about the Budweiser animals, check ’em out below…

Rescue #Dogs Fight Off Bad Publicity!

Rescued-DogsTwo recent online stories — The Wrong Dog: When A Dog Adoption Goes Bad by Erica-Lynn Huberty (The New York Times) and the much lighter, but still thought-provoking Woman Saves Two Dogs From Being Killed, Then Posts This On Craigslist by Nicole Gabriel (BarkPost) — discuss some unhappy endings in the world of dog rescue.

However, whether you’ve gotten your dog from a rescue or a breeder (which also have their own horror stories), I would hope most wannabe dog owners understand that these types of disturbing adoption tales are atypical, and it doesn’t negatively impact their decision to get a rescue pooch in the future. That said, unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life — even a dog’s life. (photo credits: TheDogWizard and FreeAllImages)


Adventure #Dogs!

As most folks take off on long journeys to see family on this Thanksgiving holiday, check out this heartwarming story about a stray dog in Ecuador named Arthur who met a group of Swedish athletes and fell in love — and hiked, biked, kayaked, and travelled hundreds of miles to stick with his new pack! (NPR)

arthur dog follows swedish athletes

Broadway Barks for #Dogs!

83327 broadway barksIf you’re feeling lucky this weekend, then chances are there will be a lotta lucky dogs available for adoption at the annual star-studded Broadway Barks event, where you can check out such pet-friendly celebs as Bernadette Peters, Audra McDonald, Zach Braff, and many more. But, of course, we know the real stars are the dogs! (DogTipper)

broadway barks_2014_16ab