Rescue #Dogs Fight Off Bad Publicity!

Rescued-DogsTwo recent online stories — The Wrong Dog: When A Dog Adoption Goes Bad by Erica-Lynn Huberty (The New York Times) and the much lighter, but still thought-provoking Woman Saves Two Dogs From Being Killed, Then Posts This On Craigslist by Nicole Gabriel (BarkPost) — discuss some unhappy endings in the world of dog rescue.

However, whether you’ve gotten your dog from a rescue or a breeder (which also have their own horror stories), I would hope most wannabe dog owners understand that these types of disturbing adoption tales are atypical, and it doesn’t negatively impact their decision to get a rescue pooch in the future. That said, unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life — even a dog’s life. (photo credits: TheDogWizard and FreeAllImages)