It’s Just an Angel Dog?

The Internet got spooked last week with this pic of a woman spreading the ashes of her beloved Golden Retriever named Wagner. If you look closely at the picture on the bottom right, you can make out the shape of a dog, right? But is it real or is it just Photoshop? Or maybe a Halloween hoax? You be the judge! (DogTime)

angel dog wagner ashley lang

Sam Simon’s Estate Locked in a Dogfight?

sam simon vanity fair merrill markoeSam Simon, The Simpsons co-creator and animal philanthropist, must be rolling in his grave as lawyers and beneficiaries are caught up in a heated battle over his estate — as well as the ongoing care of his troubled Cane Corso rescue dog, Columbo.

Fortunately, his Pacific Palisades house and vaunted art collection are not in dispute as they have already hit the market. (THR)


Miley Cyrus Drops Free #DogLovers Album! #MCandHerDeadPetz

1396802271_miley-cyrus-dog_2Fresh off the VMAs, Miley Cyrus surprised her fans this week by dropping a new FREE album called Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz — which was inspired, I assume, by the loss of her pet dog, Floyd, last year. You can listen to the full album HERE!

After a quick preview, I found “The Floyd Song (Sunrise)”, “Karen Don’t Be Sad”, and “I Get So Scared” to be particularly heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. So twerk that! (photo: US Mag)

However, if you want to just stick with the old school “Wrecking Ball” Miley, then check out the new Seth Rogen trailer for The Night Before, which celebrates Christmas –– and her classic hit as well!

Let’s Hear It for Broadway Barks #doglovers!

stella and charlie friends forever bernadette petersAh, summertime…Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Broadway Barks! Yes, the annual Broadway dog-pleaser is back again July 11 in New York City.

So, if you’re anywhere near Times Square this Saturday, trot on over to Shubert Alley and get the new book, Stella and Charlie: Friends Forever, signed by the Pied-Piper of rescue pups, Bernadette Peters! All proceeds go to the pooches! (Playbill)

The Magical Fantastical Photicular #Safari Book!

safari photicular book dan kainen carol kaufmannI came across the new SAFARI: THE PHOTICULAR BOOK (Workman Publishing) at a local indie bookstore — and it just seemed to pop out at me!

Created by Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann, this ingeniously-designed hardback will make all wild animal lovers feel like kids in a candy store!

Wilma’s World Rocks The Art of #Dogs

Wilma’s World: Good Advice From A Good Dog, a charming new dog book snack from Chronicle Books, shows off the simple joys of artist Rae Dunn’s beloved Jack Russell terrier, Wilma. While it may not be as raucously funny as Wayne’s World, you’ll surely get a smile out of some of Wilma’s best tips to living the good life! (Amazon)


A Son Moves Out and Gets Replaced By Family Dog?

I caught this pic on BuzzFeed a couple weeks ago — and it still cracks me up (It was #16 on a post titled “23 Parents Who Are Funnier Than Their Kids”). Apparently, a young man recently moved out of his parents house, but Mom and Dad didn’t waste too much time replacing his pic on the family’s wall of fame…(originally posted on Reddit)

enhanced-buzz-9449-1428517161-7 reddit

Dr. Seuss Needs Your Help: #Dogs or #Cats?

18artsbeat-seuss1-blog480A few weeks ago, the literary world discovered some unpublished works from the former home of longtime cat fan, Dr. Seuss. Whether or not the treasure trove was buried in the pantry underneath the stockpile of green eggs and ham, we’ll never know — but on July 28, the first title, What Pet Should I Get? — will be released for all of us animal lovers to adore! (NYT)