Dogs Snubbed at the Oscars!

Seems like only yesterday that the Academy was giving lots o’ love to Uggie (The Artist), Cosmo (Beginners), and Frankenweenie — but those days are long gone, judging by today’s Oscar nominations. I guess American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks, and 12 Years A Slave weren’t really dog movies, huh?

Check out the full list of the 2014 Oscar nominations. (photo: HuffPo)


What Merrill Markoe Taught Me About Dogs

There’s certainly no more humorous observer of canines than funny dogmother, Merrill Markoe — creator of the Stupid Pet Tricks segment on David Letterman — and the author of several comedic hound books, including Walking In Circles Before Lying Down and What The Dogs Taught Me.

Oprah’s Top Dog Book Recommendations…

I think it was Chris Rock who once said that he wants to come back in the next life as Oprah’s dog. Well, heaven only knows if that’s possible — but here’s the next best thing: a list of Oprah’s favorite dog books!