Hello Love #Dogs book for #ValentinesDay on #Kindle

hello love karen mcquestion kindleTrue romantics say it’s better to be alone than be with the wrong person. But what’s even better than being happily alone? Life with a lovable dog, of course!

However, if you can’t have a dog on this Valentine’s Day (due to rental/housing restrictions or whatnot), why not settle down with a good ol’ heartwarming dog book like Hello Love by bestselling author, Karen McQuestion? Because it’s not just time that heals all wounds — it’s the love of a dog, too, of course! (Bubble Bath Books)

It’s Just A Dog FREE Weekend!

Tired of the dog days of summer? Here’s something that might perk you up — the Kindle version of It’s Just A Dog will be FREE on Amazon from August 1, 2013 thru August 5, 2013 – as part of a big fat BookBub promo!

So whatcha waiting for? It’s like giving your Kindle a doggie treat! Plus it’s FREE — but only until the clock strikes midnight on August 5, 2013. While supplies last! (Amazon)

its just a dog cover free kindle bookbub