Don’t Mess With Keanu’s #Dogs in John Wick!

Keanu Reeves has come a long way from The Matrix. Who cares about red pills or blue pills when we all know the hardest pill to swallow is when some evildoer dares to harm his beloved Beagle! And see how Keanu handles this tragedy in his newest high-dogtane thriller, John Wick

Bush’s Barney Dies at the Age of 12

Barney oil painting by george w bushNothing brings out bipartisanship like the love of a good dog. And President George W. Bush’s black Scottish terrier, Barney, certainly provided many memorable moments during GW’s reign, giving White House tours with his “Barney Cam”, and also doubling as a self-appointed Secret Service agent. Barney sadly passed away last week at the age of 12.

But check out GW’s impressive portrait of Barney on the top right. (Dallas News)


Dog Loss Shocks Jock

Anybody who has ever had a dog die knows how words cannot express how painful it can be…But Howard Stern, the passionate radio shock jock, came up with a pretty good tribute in honor of he and his wife, Beth Ostrosky’s dearly departed bulldog, Bianca.

“I’m literally devastated about it,” says Stern, adding, “Anyone who has a dog understands and anyone who doesn’t [have a dog] doesn’t understand, and that’s the way it goes.”