Maira Kalman Presents #Dogs Illustrated

1999_02_01_Kalman_Dog_Reading_1000-670In honor of last month’s announcement that The New Yorker was opening up its archives for FREE to readers (back to 2007) — I thought I’d suggest this essay on the colorful illustrator/writer/dog lover, Maira Kalman, whose work you’ve no doubt seen on the mag’s covers for years! (Slate)


RIP George Rodrigue aka “The Blue Dog Artist”

All dog lovers are feeling blue today with the passing of George Rodrigue, a real giant in the dog art world, who created the infamous “Blue Dog” paintings. His canine-colored career were also one of the inspirations for my novel, It’s Just A Dog.

To find out more about this New Orleans painter who brought dog art to the masses, please take some time to check out his work at his official website, Pic courtesy of Mrs. Allen’s Art Room blog.