Brian Griffin Returns From the Dead!

All of you Brian Griffin/dog lovers can rest peacefully now that (SPOILER ALERT!) Family Guy‘s favorite — and most powerful dog — has returned to the show in last night’s very special Christmas episode! FG creator, Seth MacFarlane, finally addressed the surprising story arc on Twitter.(Time)

And for those of you not familiar with the high-profile dead dog story, you can catch up with the initial shock and bawl HERE.

RIP Brian Griffin, aka Family Guy Dog

Who shot JR? No, the mystery of this television decade will be ‘Who ran over Brian Griffin?

Last night, Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy crew killed off modern TV’s most beloved, obnoxious talking dog, Brian Griffin — and here’s the loving tribute below. But beware: even cartoon dogs can make you cry!

Beer For My Dogs?

With today’s 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, and voters deciding which candidate they’d like to run the country have a beer with, I think I’d much rather prefer drinking with my dog